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May 10, 2011

Introduction – Earth Emperor : The Plan 3.0


That’s it. Daniel Kemp

May 11, 2010

Learning More About Psychopaths


Hi. I was away doing some traveling. My traveling will stop for a bit in August. I won’t be doing much of anything after that. So, starting in September, I might learn more about psychopaths. Why psychopaths? Here’s a quote from Sun-tzu’s The Art of War: Know the enemy, Know yourself, And victory Is never […]

October 8, 2008

New Books And Map

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This is on some new books I got and a map I got. I went to the library today, cause yesterday I went there to get another book and the librarian wasn’t there cause it was her day off, so I went back today and she was there cause it wasn’t her day off. She […]

October 7, 2008

Earth Emperor Plan Version 1.0 Beta

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Today kind of sucked. I took the Tragedy and Hope book back today and I wanted to see the librarian to get another book, cause I dont know what to read, but she wasn’t there. Today was her day off. So now I have to take the bus all the way back to the library […]

October 4, 2008

$2 Lottery Ticket


I have purchased my very first lottery ticket. Money is a very important part of being Earth Emperor. You can win millions of dollars instantly with the lottery and that is why I bought a ticket. It was $2 and I got three random lines of 7 numbers. I bought my ticket last night and […]