October 3, 2008

Introduction to Earth Emperor


To be Earth Emperor you need two things; money and power.

I can get money from donations and I’m also going to start buying lottery tickets, cause you can win lots of money instantly with the lottery.

For power I’m going to read books, cause they say knowledge is power. With the books I’m going to learn about the Earth, cause how can you be Earth Emperor if you don’t know anything about the Earth?

That’s it for now.

Daniel Kemp

Put in Other
  • http://www.michelleoshen.com Michelle

    Great job Earth Emperor!

  • http://www.earthemperor.com Daniel Kemp

    @Michelle: Thank you very much for commenting. I hope you had the best birthday.

  • http://www.affiliatefamous.com Affiliate Famous

    Your the man! Keep up the video posts.

  • http://jvon.multiply.com jvon

    I have two observations about this:

    1) Your plan is at least as coherent as most of what I’ve seen on the TV debates lately. Maybe you should consider running for President as a write-in candidate as a first step?

    2) Anyone that can get a hot chick to pose topless with a crappy hand-written sign is well on their way to world domination.

  • http://www.earthemperor.com Daniel Kemp

    @jvon: There have been many presidents but no Earth Emperor. To go after being a president isn’t really reaching for the top, it’s settling for like being second best.

  • http://www.michelleoshen.com Michelle

    Very good points… alas, he’s destined to be Earth Emperor.

  • http://www.zacjohnson.com Zac Johnson

    Haha, this site is awesome. I love the intro music too and the videos own!

    Here’s to becoming the Earth Emperor!