October 4, 2008

$2 Lottery Ticket


I have purchased my very first lottery ticket. Money is a very important part of being Earth Emperor.

You can win millions of dollars instantly with the lottery and that is why I bought a ticket. It was $2 and I got three random lines of 7 numbers.

I bought my ticket last night and the draw was late last night. The amount that could be won was $10 million I think.

I got one number on the first line, no numbers on the second line and one number on the last line.

I didn’t win anything.

Daniel Kemp

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  • http://www.michelleoshen.com Michelle

    I just watched this and I think you’re terrific! I’m gonna go show Loren your stuff…

  • http://www.earthemperor.com Daniel Kemp

    @Michelle: Thank you for the nice words Michelle.